Dehydrated Granola Bar

Dehydrated Granola Bar

Prep Time

30 mins

Dehydrate Time

5 hrs


1 cup whole Oat Groats

1 cup Cashews

1 cup chopped Dates

1/2 cup Maple Syrup as needed

1/2 cup Flax seeds

1 cup Sunflower Seeds

2 cups Cranberries

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

3/4 cup Flax Meal (fresh ground)

1/2 cup Sesame Seeds


1. Soak whole oat groats, sunflower seeds, and cashews overnight in separate bowls

2. Soak cranberries 1 hour prior to use & drain all other soaked ingredients

3. Blend oat groats until reduced in size by half

4. Add sunflower seeds and cashews to oat groats and pulse for 30 seconds

5. Empty contents into large mixing bowl

6. Add soaked and drained cranberries, flax seeds, and sesame seeds to the mixing bowl and stir to combine

7. Put dates, coconut oil, flax meal, and maple syrup in the blender and blend to a thick, creamy, caramel-like consistency

8. Pour the caramel mixture into the mixing bowl and stir to combine

9. Spread mixture onto single layer paraflexx lined Excalibur dehydrator tray

10. Score the granola into 3" x 3" squares with a knife

11. Dehydrate at 145 degress F for 2 hours then reduce the temperature to 125 degrees F and dry overnight

12. Halfway through the drying cycle remove the tray and flip then continue to dry

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