Herbal Throat Lozenges

Herbal Throat Lozenges

Prep Time

40 mins

Dehydrate Time

5 hrs


1/2 cup Elder Flowers

1 cup boiling Water

1 cup Slippery Elm Bark powder, more as needed

1/4 cup Horehound

1/2 cup Honey, raw if possible


1. Place the elder flowers and the horehound in a bowl and pour the boiling water over

2. Stir to make sure each bud or leaf is moistened, then cover and set aside for about 8 hours

3. After steeping, measure out ½ cup of liquid, pressing on the herbs. Add water if necessary to make a full half-cup.

4. Compost the herbs. Place the liquid in a saucepan along with the honey.

5. Heat gently just until the honey is melted and you can whisk the honey easily into the herbal liquid

6. In a large bowl, mound the slippery elm bark into the middle, then create a well in the center

7. Pour the honey-herb mixture in it and stir the mixture until a dough is formed. Then mix with your hands until the dough is smooth, adding more slippery elm if needed.

8. The mixture may be crumbly, but should be able to remain in a ball when pressed together. When the ball is smooth, dust your work surface with slippery elm powder, then roll the dough about 1/2 inch thick.

9. Then, using a tiny round cutter (Or a small bottle cap off a bottle of vanilla extract or similar. Just remember this will be the size you will be putting in your mouth, so keep them as small as possible.)

10. Place them on a Paraflexx® lined Excalibur® Dehydrator tray. Dry lozenges at 150 degrees F for 4-6 hours until completely dry. Once dried, store in an airtight container.

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