Pumpkin Spice Potpourri

Pumpkin Spice Potpourri

Prep Time

45 mins


1 whole Pumpkin

1 cup Lemon Juice

1 tbsp Pumpkin Spice (a mixture of: cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger and ground cloves)


1. Cut the pumpkin in half and remove all the seeds. Keep the skin on.

2. Slice the pumpkin into 1/2" wedges (about 3 inches long)

3. In a bowl add lemon juice, then dip pumpkin slices into lemon juice. This will keep your slices a bright orange.

4. Place the pumpkin slices on your Excalibur® dehydrator tray

5. Sprinkle the pumpkin spice evenly over the pumpkins slices. Flip and sprinkle the other side.

6. Dehydrate at 140 degrees F for 8-12 hrs or until dry

7. Display in a bowl or in a cheese cloth pouch

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