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Excalibur 1 Zone Commercial Food Dehydrator freeshipping - Excalibur Dehydrator
Excalibur 1 Zone Commercial Food Dehydrator
Price listed is valid in the USA only. (Product Voltage: 120v)
$6,999.99 $7,499.99
Excalibur 2 Zone, Commercial Dehydrator freeshipping - Excalibur Dehydrator
Excalibur 2 Zone, Commercial Dehydrator
Price listed is valid in the USA only. (Product Voltage: 120v)

Commercial Food Dehydrators


Excalibur Commercial food dehydrators, sometimes called industrial food dehydrators, lead the industry in commercial food drying.  They are the leading commercial food dryers due to their high capacities, two zones of temperature control (on select commercial food dehydrators only), durability, and built-in timers.  


We're the brand professionals trust for commercial food dehydrators because we've been leading the industry with innovative features in commercial dehydration, durability, high-quality materials used throughout, all come together to deliver the most consistent results in commercial food drying.  


What is a Commercial Food Dehydrator?  They are purposeful-built food dehydrators that are designed to handle high capacities, all units have over 10 trays, with our largest commercial dehydrator having 42 trays and an incredible 136 square ft capacity.  They have commercial finishes, so they can stand up to the demands of an industrial environment. All while delivering consistent results batch after batch. 


Looking for a commercial dehydrator for jerky, look no further!  You've found the best commercial jerky dehydrators on the market.  Our commercial food dryer's can handle high capacities of jerky, producing consistent results every single time.  The built-in timers help keep things going while you're busy.  2 of our commercial dehydrators have two zone temperature control, so you can make two types of jerky at once, this saves you time and increases the output of your commercial dehydrator