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What is Raw Food?

       Eating foods in their most natural state maximizes nutritional benefits. Dehydrated snacks, raw foods and fresh juice provides a healthy, delicious and nutritious option. It’ rich, nutrient dense food that will enliven your taste buds. It’ food that is prepared so you can enjoy it as nature intended.
Raw or living food is food that has not been exposed to temperatures above 46.1° (115°). This low temperature maintains the foods enzymatic and nutritional properties.
(1) Flavor. Food as nature intended. As you eat cleaner, you’ begin to taste food more intensely. Sweet foods will taste even sweeter; bitter foods will taste wholesome and nourishing. (2) Energetic Enzymes. Cooking at high temperatures kills 100% of the enzymes in your food. Enzymes are responsible for your body’ metabolic process. Eating clean and drying food at low temperatures will provide you with a surplus of energy. (3) Vitamins and Minerals. No need for pills when you can get all the Calcium you need from spinach and all the Vitamin C you need from bell peppers, just to mention a few examples! (4) You are what you eat. When you clear your body of pollutants, you allow yourself the opportunity for a better quality of life.
There isn’ one. Dehydrating is an easy way to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet. In turn, you’ feel more energetic, you’ see an improvement to the health of your skin, hair, eyes, nails...and your mood!